Best Local Website (2011)


The Twin Cities' best website, MNBeer, won't win any prizes for web design or flashy graphics. It's as simple and unpretentious as a website can get—just short, text-heavy posts about a single subject. But what MNBeer lacks in flair it makes up for in comprehensiveness. Ryan Anderson's site is more than five years old now, and there seems to be no beer release, no beer dinner or local tasting, no visit by a distinguished brew master that goes unreported on his site. Is the Blue Nile tapping some obscure firkin? Is Fulton throwing a beer dinner at a local café? What's the latest on new Minnesota laws regulating brewpubs? MNBeer is where local aficionados go to find out. The site posts at least one or two bits of brew news almost every day. You won't often find reviews or opinions about beer, just an authoritative fact sheet about local beer news, plus a running tally of local events, and lists of local breweries, brewpubs, and beer-centric bars. If that's not enough info for you, MNBeer blasts even more beer news to more than 2,000 followers on Twitter.


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