New Year's Eve at the Turf Club ended with another wildly successful Cover Band Night, featuring a variety of local acts covering their favorite bands, from the Beatles to Suicide. As bands and fans cleared out at bar close, many planned to return the next night to see another potential barnburner featuring Marijuana Deathsquads. But just hours before the doors were to open, the show was called off, and staff reporting to work found the place locked, the lights out, and a sign on the front doors reading "Closed for repairs." With little notice, weeks of shows were canceled, and worries that one of the music scene's favorite venues might be no more spread like wildfire. After a brief period of silence, it was announced publicly that manager Dave Wiegardt, who for 15 years had helped shape the bar into a local institution, had been let go and replaced with new manager Joshua James, who would oversee a number of improvements while the club was temporarily shuttered. The bar eventually reopened, though with slightly more limited hours, and still maintains its place as a driving force in the local music community.

Location Details

1601 University Ave. W.
St. Paul MN 55104


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