The graffiti adorning the walls of the women's bathroom outside the Clown Lounge on the lower level of the Turf Club is a schizophrenic menagerie reflecting the variety of eras the Turf Club has lived through. It's a mixture of weird sponge art from some bygone era (the '90s?) and more topical, contemporary additions: some painted tribal art, something about a girl band from a handful of years ago, and inspiring quotes like, "The Midwest is the epicenter for the revolution!" Add to that the assortment of Polaroids snapped of clientele over the years and placed on the bathroom's wall and this space feels like a powder room of the people, by the people. People who have taken the time to report that they are "Hammerd in the beautiful clown lounge again...ahhhhhhhh." Women named Emily who have shared their love of Preston in '04 (do we think Emily still loves Preston in 2011?). And where the mirror should be, above the sink: "Let's all take a moment to remember how hot we are." To which someone chimed in with: "Damn. Check us out. We are." What can we make of all this? As it says above the sink: "The bad girls don't have the time to keep a journal." True. They instead carry Sharpies with them into bathroom stalls.

Location Details

1601 University Ave. W.
St. Paul MN 55104


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