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the Twin Cities

Best Local Beer

Surly Abrasive Ale

Compared to some of the easy-drinking local stalwarts—your Grain Belts, Summits, even the less-esoteric Surly variants like Furious and Bender—Abrasive might seem like a bit "too much." A four-pack of cans costs more than a 12-bottle pack of Summit, its ABV is a brain-jostling 8.8 percent, and it's got more hops than a grounder up the middle at Target Field. Plus, it's a seasonal, which makes it that much less accessible. But as double IPAs go, it's more than worth the investment. The heady buzz is backed up by a rich, imposing, yet deliciously tangy flavor that skirts the sharper corners of the citrus family and leaves sense-tweaking undercurrents of pine and malt in the finish. Yes, we're willing to state that a beer that has hints of grapefruit juice is the best the Twin Cities have to offer, but it's not just us. Ale enthusiasts from across the continent have turned it into a buzzed-about commodity, and out of thousands of submissions it now stands in the top 40 of the crowd-sourced, connoisseur-driven authorities at Just don't say you weren't warned. As the name on the label suggests, this is a no-compromise brew for people who know there's more to beer than just vortex bottles and coldness indicators.

Best Taproom (2015) Surly Beer Hall

Best Drunk Food (2015) Surly's Hog Frites

Best Local Beer (2012) Surly Brewing Co.

BEST TAKE-HOME BREW (2007) Surly Brewing Co.Furious and Bender Beers

Best Pizza (2019) Surly Pizza Upstairs

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Best Bakery Patisserie 46

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Best Bartender Pip Hanson, Cafe Maude

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Best Breakfast Zumbro Cafe

Best Brewpub Town Hall Brewery

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Best Burger Victory 44

Best Caribbean Restaurant Caribe Caribbean Bistro

Best Central/South American Restaurant Chimborazo

Best Cheap Eats La Loma Tomales

Best Chef Lenny Russo of Heartland Restaurant & Farm Direct Market

Best Chinese Restaurant Tea House

Best Cocktail Name Trust Me Baby, Amore Victoria

Best Cocktails Bradstreet Craftshouse

Best Coffee Peace Coffee

Best Contemporary Cocktail Slim Shim at the Inn

Best Delicatessen Be'Wiched Deli

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Best Dim Sum Thom Pham's Wondrous Azian Kitchen

Best Dive Bar U Otter Stop Inn

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Best Ice Cream Flavor Nicollet Avenue Pot Hole at Sebastian Joe's

Best Ice Cream Parlor Izzy's Ice Cream

Best Indian Restaurant Amu's Madras Café

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Best Italian Restaurant Il Gatto

Best Japanese Restaurant Tanpopo Noodle Shop

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Best Martinis Mancini's Char House & Lounge

Best Mexican Restaurant Salsa a la Salsa

Best Middle Eastern Restaurant Saffron Restaurant & Lounge

Best Neighborhood Bar (Minneapolis) Tootie's on Lowry

Best Neighborhood Bar (St. Paul) The Muddy Pig

Best Neighborhood Eatery (Minneapolis/St. Paul) Blackbird

Best Neighborhood Eatery (Suburbs) Travail Kitchen and Amusements

Best New Restaurant Heidi's

Best Outdoor Dining Moto-i

Best Pancakes Al's Breakfast

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Best Pizza Mesa Pizza

Best Place to Drink Before a Twins Game The Depot

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Best Pub Crawl Santacon Crawl

Best Restaurant (Minneapolis/St. Paul) Piccolo

Best Restaurant (Suburbs) The Hanger Room

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Best Restaurant Trend The democratization of fine dining

Best Restaurant Worth the Drive Bayport BBQ

Best Sandwich Barbecue pork at Clancey's Meats & Fish

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Best Seafood Restaurant Sea Change

Best Service Travail Kitchen and Amusements

Best Soul Food Shorty and Wags

Best Steak House The Strip Club

Best Suburban Bar Washington Square Grill

Best Suburban Dive Bar Povlitzki's on 65

Best Sushi Origami (downtown)

Best Tacos Tinga del pollo at El Taco Riendo

Best Takeout Brasa

Best Tapas El Meson

Best Thai Restaurant Nong's Thai Cuisine

Best Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurant Peoples Organic

Best Vietnamese Restaurant Ngon Vietnamese Bistro

Best Vodka Referent Horseradish Vodka at Moscow on the Hill

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