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Stockholm Pie Company

So they—whoever they are—say that pie is the new whoopie pie, which was the new macaron, which was the new cupcake or whatever. In any case, the sweets that Janet Garretson makes at her cute-as-a-button Stockholm Pie Company aren't so much trendy as timeless. They're certainly as good as grandma's—probably better. Garretson's repertoire consists of 30-plus fruit, cream, and nut pies, with some as classic as Raisin Sour Cream, others as contemporary-sounding as Blackberry Pear with Cardamom. The multi-ingredient ones such as Triple Berry and Triple Chocolate Pecan might be our favorites, but please don't ever make us chose just one. A City Pages review of the Stockholm Pie Company unfortunately led to the demise of Stockholm's half-slice option—as the crowds increased, indecisive customers were holding up the line. But in a way, we count this as a blessing: If we want to try two pies, well, we'll just have to order two full slices. Or full pies. And if you don't have time to make the trip to Stockholm, or would like to send an out-of-state loved one a little slice of heaven, Apple Crisp or Caramel Apple Crunch can be shipped anywhere in the country for $36.