Sushi is an exemplary Japanese cuisine that has flourished in international markets with great success. Globalization is not a bad thing, but with sushi, tradition is essential not only in understanding how to choose and cut seafood but in preparing the rice and selecting the nori seaweed. Origami in downtown Minneapolis has been the leader in sushi excellence for two decades with its consistently fresh and extensive fish selections, expertly prepared rice, and high quality nori. Owner-chef "Ichi" (Kiminobu Ichikawa) has been keeping a watchful eye over the quality of ingredients since he opened the restaurant in 1991. He uses Tamaki Gold rice, with a sweet aroma and the perfect stickiness for sushi. The cooked rice is seasoned with a top-secret vinegar mixture, creating the restaurant's own flavor identity. You can tell the quality of nori at Origami when you bite into a roll: The seaweed wrapping easily dissolves with the rice and the fish in your mouth, not remaining in a clump the way lesser-quality nori does. Having dozens of sushi options in town is a blessing we couldn't have imagined 20 years ago. Thanks to Origami, the bar is set high to make sure we get the best-quality sushi even in the landlocked state of Minnesota.

Location Details

30 1st St. N.
Minneapolis MN 55401


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