Niche spirit selections, clever cocktail menus, and copious beer offerings will appease the palates of many. Yet if it's a dimly lit room, a simple lowball, and an idyllic, amber pour you seek, there's a welcoming stool and an exceptional scotch list awaiting at the St. Paul Grill. With a choice selection of more than 80 of Scotland's finest exports, the Grill's superb list and towering bar leaves no region untouched and nary an imbiber dissatisfied. For the devoted, the Grill recently introduced a Scotch Club program that rewards regular enthusiasts with a card swipe for each offering you knock off the list. Those who wade through the entirety of these inviting, peaty waters are rewarded with a complimentary, nearly two-ounce pour from one of the world's rarest scotches—the Macallan 55-year, priced at $750 a glass at the Grill. Just 420 bottles of the "55" were produced when the Grill acquired four of them in preparation for the Republican National Convention. Not sure about taking on the Grill's entire list? The Club also segments the list, offering a complimentary pour of a notable scotch for each scotch-producing region you sample in full.

Location Details

350 Market St.
St. Paul MN 55102


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