Southern restaurants and soul food spots, step aside. Clancey's butcher shop makes a barbecue pork that will leave you crying in your pecan pie. Forget any mishaps you've had with overly sauced meat that's cooked till it's soggy. No, these chunks stay pleasantly firm yet richly infused with a fiery tang. The barbecue sauce is earthy and not too sweet, with a pleasantly lingering burn and the complexity of a good mole or adobo. Thick chunks of meat are piled between a crusty artisan roll with a few pickled peppers and a scoop of coleslaw made snappy with mustard and celery seeds. The only trouble with the barbecue pork sandwich is that it's not always available. But if it happens to go missing from the chalkboard's list of specials, you can't go wrong with the roast beef, sliced paper-thin and still a little pink. The meat is stuffed between a baguette with shaved onions and pickled vegetables, plus mayonnaise, mustard, and enough horseradish to put Sudafed out of business.

Location Details

4307 Upton Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55410


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