If Neil Gaiman designed bathrooms instead of works of fantastical fiction, the Loring Pasta Bar's restroom would easily be the cornerstone of his plumbing portfolio. Follow a wavy brick wall into the dimly lit and enchanting (is it weird to call a bathroom enchanting?) room, in which the walls are painted with a creeping vine of flowers and the giant bowl sinks similarly appear to be suspended by a metal vine. The oddly shaped room leads to just as oddly proportioned stalls, adding to the overall Seussiness of the space. While you knock one out, the sounds of the restaurant creep over the walls, which don't quite reach the high ceilings. Finish up with a hand-washing under mutely glowing globular lights at a faucet that looks more like a giant showerhead than your typical sink spout. Bottom line: Come for the pasta, stay for the chance to take a pee.

Location Details

327 14th Ave. SE
Minneapolis MN 55414


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