If there's any surefire trick to making a successful pub crawl, it's getting dressed up in ridiculous costumes. And what better time for a crawl than right before Christmas? That spirit-crushing phenomenon known as winter in Minnesota is just settling in, and drinking for the next four to six months will be confined to indoors. Might as well get it out of your system beforehand. St. Paul's Santacon Crawl has the predictable array of jolly, beer-guzzling Kris Kringles, but also a slew of surly elves, drunken reindeer, and even the odd Jäger-slamming Baphomet. Last year's show was presided over by Foxy Tann, with live music by the Brass Messengers, as the costumed crowd trekked to such popular Lowertown watering holes as Barrio and the Bulldog. The payoff? Meeting up with the Minnesota RollerGirls at Senor Wong. Now there's some holiday spirit!

Location Details

5th St. E. & Sibley St.
St Paul MN 55101


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