Last call was at least a half-hour ago. The combination of house lights and your bartender's perturbed facial expression indicate that it's past 2 a.m. You've spent the last few hours priming your stomach with potent liquid, and you really need to supplement it with something solid if you're going to be of any use tomorrow. On a better night, you might consider those hot new Neapolitan joints in Southwest, but they closed hours ago, and no sense blowing $20 on an "artisan" drunk munchie. Instead, just instruct your cab driver to make a quick detour to Dinkytown. This is the reason Mesa Pizza was invented. It offers more than 50 topping selections, sold by the mammoth slice. We recommend skipping the pepperoni and entertaining your taste buds' sense of adventure. Perhaps a slice of guacamole burrito, chicken cordon blue, or macaroni and cheese. Maybe some pickle and pulled pork? Or just go in with an open mind and point to whatever catches your eye. We've yet to have a disappointing slice.

Location Details

1323 Fourth St. SE
Minneapolis MN 55414


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