It's a good general rule to be cautious of drinking anything named after a movie centered on the delivery of severe physical trauma. Yet the art of the tequila mixer, which can often make you feel like you've been clocked in the skull by a Bruce Lee nunchaku, is done no better justice than at Barrio. Enter the Dragon is the name for one of Barrio's subtler yet kickier concoctions, a margarita that balances the sweet tang of passion fruit with a brisk jolt of pepper, creating a blend that sharply complements the backbone of Cava that gives the drink its delightfully head-swimming properties. Even in Barrio's outstanding margarita menu (also home to the absinthe-tinged Cobra Verde and the citrus pile-driver Macho Camacho), Enter the Dragon stands out as a concoction that has as much kick in its flavor as it does in its buzz. It'll get you tipsy, but you won't even notice—you'll be too busy enjoying the taste.

Location Details

235 E. 6th St.
St. Paul MN 55101


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