While tenants have spent the last few years scrambling to escape Block E, Kieran's ducked conventional wisdom and moved into the building last spring, shedding the charmless corporate environs of the totally '80s Towle building and taking over the prime Target Center-facing spot once occupied by Bellanotte. While downtown Minneapolis's least-loved retail center might seem a strange place for a warm and friendly Irish pub, everything falls into place once you make your way inside. It's filled with dark wooden booths and tables, a massive bar with an equally massive backdrop of whiskey bottles (owner Kieran Folliard's custom-made 2 Gingers among them), and decor that authentically evokes the Old Country without clobbering you over the head with a shillelagh of blarney. The main room is huge enough to house after-work and pre-game crowds but comfortable enough to keep the scale modest, while the ornate, early-20th-century, nautical-themed Titanic Lounge and the intimate Poet's Corner spread the atmospheric wealth. An everyday 11-to-6 happy hour is all well and good for the drinking crowd, but the simple joys of a $4 pint of Smithwick's are complemented by pub fare that sets its baseline at top-notch fish and chips (made with cod or Canadian walleye) and only gets better from there: Think wild rice burgers and cider-steamed mussels, served at prices that leave plenty of green left over for something to wash them down with.

Location Details

85 6th St. N
Minneapolis MN 55403


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