The Twin Cities is blessed with more amazing ice cream shops than anyone not from these cold parts would think possible: Izzy's, Crema Café/Sonny's, Pumphouse Creamery, and Grand Ole Creamery. But this year, plaudits go to Sebastian Joe's for honoring our region's unique snow-melt-freeze-thaw-split-the-blacktop cycle. Nicollet Avenue Pot Hole, a flavor just one year old, is rich chocolate ice cream filled with fudge, truffles, chunks of Heath bar, and sea salt—a meld of mouth-watering flavors as deep and dark as that missing chunk of pavement that just threw off your alignment. It's safe to say that a trip to Sebastian Joe's may be the only time a pothole puts a smile on your face.

Location Details

1007 W. Franklin Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55405


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