There really aren't a whole lot of bars in this town where you can throw up on the floor without anyone noticing (don't worry, sweaty dude in the Lynryd Skynyrd shirt—we didn't tell anyone). This is precisely why we can't take a gem like the U Otter Stop Inn for granted. So, U Otter, we want to thank you for having everything a great dive should: cheap beer in plastic cups, weird shit hanging from the ceiling, awesome regulars who can tell you exactly where to score the best drugs next time you're in Vietnam. And thank you for hosting karaoke seven days a week, because sometimes we just can't wait until the weekend to get the eight-beer renditions of Talking Heads songs out of our systems. Finally, thank you for never judging the terrible things we do and say in your establishment. You may be the size of a glorified broom closet, but we wouldn't change a thing about you.

Location Details

617 Central Ave. SE
Minneapolis MN 55414


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