Just as you'd expect of a respectable tavern, the Inn is a fine place for drinking. Indeed, the bar serves craft beer in pitchers and offer shots of "linie" aquavit. The Inn's drink list contains several delightful retro-themed cocktails—the Inn Flip, for example, is a thick, frothy, allspice-scented beverage made with a whole raw egg—but our favorite among the offerings is the more contemporary Slim Shim. The trend these days is to introduce drinkers to the pleasures of "brown" spirits, which for years have remained a niche beverage due to their associations with old men and cigars. But the Slim Shim might just be the cocktail that can break whiskey out of its stuffy mold. The spirit is blended with maple syrup, lemon, ginger, and rosemary, which create a sweet-tart balance and notes that are both herbal and sharp. The Slim Shim has a sophisticated maturity, but it isn't all about putting hair on your chest. One more bonus about drinking at the Inn: the barkeep's tendency to treat guests to the occasional "amuse booze"—a liquid version of the fine-dining chef's free appetite-whetting snack.

Location Details

89 10th St. S.
Minneapolis MN 55402


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