Other Twin Cities cocktails may be titled with historic, literary, and oh-so-clever mots, but the Trust Me Baby at Amore Victoria gives you a welcome wink and tickle, and then asks how far you are willing to commit to the burgeoning craft drink movement. If you're a game drinker, bartender Shawn Jones will gladly serve as a gentle guide to the revitalized world of proper potables. Your job is simple: Belly up to the bar, tell him you trust him, and then pick your liquor of choice. What you get in return is part show, part lesson, and, most importantly, a refreshing beverage that will suit you and give you a window into what is possible when you ask for more than a Jack and Coke. He'll explain to you the origins of the Sazerac—ahhh, the Big Easy—and wax poetic about Rittenhouse Rye. He'll even give props to the bitters, concoctions, and services of fellow mixologists. And it's worth every penny of the $9 you'll pay in prime time and $7 at happy hour. When Amore says Trust Me Baby, it's no joke: You can trust Jones to worry about both your personal tastes and the posterity of the art of bartending.

Location Details

1601 W. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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