The signature street food of Trinidad and Tobago, doubles takes its name from two pieces of puffy fry bread, which are pinched together into a pocket and filled with a spicy chickpea mixture. And the ones served at Caribe Caribbean Bistro are laden with both flavor and heft. (One of the golden-hued pies makes a hearty snack; two, an entire, utensil-free meal.) Caribe's chef-owner Tony Panelli, a native of Puerto Rico, cooks dishes from all across the islands: grilled shrimp with a pepper-rum glaze, plantain-crusted mahi mahi, and even a ground-beef-and-green-beans, island-style casserole known as piñon. But he also fuses Caribbean flavors with Continental dishes, including a breakfast favorite of eggs Benedict with cumin-studded roti, sweet potatoes, chana, and Creole-spiced hollandaise. Dining at Caribe is a welcome vacation from American comfort fare, so gaze at the colorful, oceanic mural painted on the wall and pretend you've been transported to tropical paradise.

Location Details

791 Raymond Ave.
St. Paul MN 55114


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