Victory 44's chef-owner Erick Harcey's first love may be pork—note the pig photos on the walls and a "praise the lard" sign on the kitchen—but he's got ground beef mastered. The Perfect Burger might sound like it's overreaching, but it's deserving of its hyperbolic title. First, there's the patty, made from ground beef blended with flecks of frozen butter, then coated with salt and spices and cured for a day. (This step ensures that the exterior chars up nicely on the griddle, while the middle stays moist.) The patty is tucked into an also-griddled, flour-dusted bun that's tender and squishy yet doesn't fall apart under the weight of the toppings: bacon, melted sharp cheddar, plus thin-sliced raw onions, sweet pickles, and a swipe of dijon. While juiciness is one of this burger's best attributes, the only thing that keeps it from achieving pure perfection is its lack of a built-in bib. You'll have to use the skin-on French fries to sop up the savory liquid that drips.

Location Details

2203 44th Ave. N.
Minneapolis MN 55412


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