All anybody really wants from breakfast is a simple metabolism-starter and enough streaming daylight to wake your sunny self up. So save the decadence for Sunday brunch and get to Zumbro Café in Linden Hills, which serves tasty morning fare in one of the brightest, coziest dining rooms in the Cities. Zumbro has been around since 1991 and thus rates high on customer camaraderie. It's not uncommon to see one neighbor give another a recommendation on what to read at the Wild Rumpus bookstore down the street. At Zumbro, mom can take her dose of vitamin D with a side of caffeine and sip a cappuccino's silky froth from a wide porcelain cup while her tot picks at his teddy bear pancake—it's a flapjack with ears, banana coin eyes, and a grapefruit wedge mouth! If you want a breakfast beyond the basics of granola or toast, try the Huevos Zumbrosos, a scrambled egg patty that fills the plate and comes topped with dollops of sour cream and salsa, a big scoop of beans, and a couple of corn tortillas. Just make sure to set your alarm, because if you sleep in, you'll never beat the crowds.

Location Details

2803 W. 43rd St.
Minneapolis MN 55410


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