There's no sweeter surrender than a little hair of the dog on a late morning. Ordering a breakfast cocktail after a long night says to Sunday, "I give up." Not gonna get out for a ski. Not gonna tinker with the broken lawnmower. Not gonna crank out a chapter in that novel. It's over—hangover FTW. Luckily, Burger Jones makes giving up look, taste, and feel like a really good decision. Not only is the portion of velvety and slightly kicky tomato elixir generous enough to knock out even the most formidable headache (thanks to a little Absolut Citron), but it's served with enough garnishes to set any weird food cravings to rest. Pickles, sausages, olives, cheese curds—it's a meal in itself. The whole package comes served in a down-homey mason jar.

Location Details

3200 W. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55416


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