Edinans may be known as "cake eaters," but when they shop for their signature sweet, they head to Minneapolis. At the metro's latest and greatest French bakery, Patisserie 46, the chocolate Rory cake is Valentine's Day incarnate, with its layers of dreamy chocolate mousse, coffee caramel cream, and crunchy pecan dacquoise crust. (That heart-shaped box of drugstore chocolates won't buy her love, no matter how many stuffed bears and roses it comes with. Trust us.) The shop's cakes have such precise cylindrical shape and perfectly placed garnishes that you start to suspect Patisserie's owner/master pastry chef John Kraus might actually be a machine. But if that were the case, what, then, would be the source of the soul that infuses everything that slides out of those ovens? Only an artist could render such flaky croissants, creamy canele, and crusty loaves of artisan bread.

Location Details

4552 Grand Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55419


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