Since KSTP-AM 1500 made the splash of going to its ESPN all-sports format last spring, the biggest voice at the station has been Mackey's. A former side-charge at rival KFAN, the twentysomething Mackey has played a major role in jockeying 1500 neck-and-neck with "the Fan." When the station first announced that the stat-heavy Mackey would team with 40-plus-year media vet Patrick Reusse, many wondered if the kid had the chops to duel with the gravel-voiced curmudgeon. But in less than a year, Mackey has proven that he wields more than just a Sabermetric sword. Combining a distinct voice with a sensible wit and adroit Twins coverage, Mackey has wasted little time showing that he can bark with the big dogs while orchestrating a seeming impossibility: proving Reusse has a sunny side. With 1500 stalwart Joe Soucheray recently opting for reduced airtime, Mackey and Reusse found their noon-to-2 slot extended another hour. The added time showed that Mackey is far more than just a "BABIP" or "WAR" stat geek.

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