That the Current provides mostly engaging music cutting across a lot of genres—though firmly settled in modern alternative rock—without commercials or many interruptions (except for pledge drives, the necessary evil of public broadcasting) puts it near the top of the map in a local radio community dominated by rock 'n' roll dinosaurs, achingly bland purveyors of pop, and endless rows of talk. It's the station's commitment to local artists that drives it over the top. The Current spotlights local music every week on the appropriately named The Local Show, but the efforts go further than that. Area artists as diverse as Peter Wolf Crier, the Idle Hands, and Eyedea find space throughout the day alongside Radiohead, Arcade Fire, and Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. Local artists also get a chance to visit the studio, talk, and record sessions, which can not only be accessed forever on the station's website but were also compiled in the hopefully titled Local Current, Vol. 1.

Location Details

480 Cedar St.
St. Paul MN 55101


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