Best Non-Movie Theater Place to See a Movie (2011)

Minnesota Orchestra

Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho may have one of the best scores in movie history. Think about it: Without those screeching violins, the famous shower scene would be just another movie murder. For those who appreciate the power of a good score, the Minnesota Orchestra has your ticket. While you watch one of your favorite classics, the orchestra sits onstage and plays the score along with the movie. If you've never attended such a screening, you might think this would be a distraction. On the contrary, the orchestra forces you to appreciate the brilliance of a good movie score and how music contributes to the viewing experience. And you get the added excitement of watching a live orchestra hit every note perfectly in sync with the movie. And take it from us, the greatest stereo system in the world pales in comparison to the Minnesota Orchestra. This year the orchestra has showings of The Bride of Frankenstein and Young Frankenstein scheduled just before Halloween.

Location Details

1111 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis MN 55403


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