Best Local Album of the Past 12 Months (2011)

Relayted by Gayngs

It started, as we all know by now, as a joke—a joke set at 69 BPM, to be precise, and conceived, no doubt, in a haze of weed smoke. But it didn't take long to realize that there was much more to this project, the offspring of the mad, prolific, and altogether brilliant mind of Ryan Olson, than merely a gag. Beyond the hype and the Auto-Tune, Gayngs was clearly more than your average yacht-rock super-group; Relayted was an ambitious and utterly original creation, injecting unexpected influences and layers of complexity into a potentially limited concept. As if pulling together the likes of P.O.S., Maggie Morrison, and Justin Vernon for one 11-song record weren't enough, Olson chopped, edited, and rearranged each of their parts, recontextualizing them completely from the moments they were created—and in turn reinventing each of them in new and fascinating ways.


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