Best Dancer (2011)

Nic Lincoln

Nic Lincoln may be the first dancer to earn praise in this category for the uncanny ability to channel a horse. The six-year veteran of James Sewell Ballet often impresses in works with the company as well as in his own choreographic endeavors, but he revealed an entirely new side of his talent in Dressage, created by Judith Howard for Sewell's latest "Ballet Works Project" at the Southern Theater. Wearing a sparkly thong, fishnets, and impossibly high heels, Lincoln methodically transformed himself into an almost mythical being via a solo work that dramatically explored the simmering tension between animal power and sensual grace. His performance was as beautiful as it was daring, and Lincoln mesmerized the audience by moving with an equine elegance. To be sure, no one could ever accuse this dance artist of being a one-trick pony.


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