Best Club DJ (2011)

Jake Rudh

The Twin Cities is home to dozens of talented party rockers in a fantastic array of genres, from techno to hip hop to the dance party circuit. But in the last 10 years one hardworking DJ who has created a niche for himself in post-modern pop, new wave, and classic electro has risen above the rest. Jake Rudh and his Transmission club night at Club Jäger just celebrated a decade last March in the Mainroom at First Avenue, filling it to the brim. Mid-set, Rudh got on the mic from the upper-level DJ box and, in a heartfelt moment, looked at the masses below and half joked that their support was "going to make me cry." When it comes to '70s, '80s, and '90s classic pop and new wave, Rudh's record collection and vast knowledge could rival any national DJ's. And he's big on concepts, too: His Transmission nights have been themed of late—from Bowie to the Cure and beyond—and the regulars alone have kept the club bursting at the seams. Rudh, by the way, is also our cover boy for this year's Best of the Twin Cities issue, looking dapper in his Mad Men-inspired role. Let's dance, indeed.


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