Uri Sands co-founded TU Dance with creative partner, wife, and muse Toni Pierce-Sands in 2004, and since then the troupe has garnered Sage Awards as well as critical accolades for work that effortlessly combines elements of modern dance, African-based movement, hip hop, and ballet into a satisfying creative blend. The Amusement of the Gods, which premiered last fall at the O'Shaughnessy, offers a particularly fine example of Sands's choreographic viewpoint. Alternating between serious and playful in its approach, the work deftly explored the boundaries of faith and belief. The dancers were like seekers, their movement grounded or heaven-reaching, depending on the moment or mood. As usual, Sands brought sophistication to the stage, but with this work he also allowed his gift for subtle provocation, kinetic humor, and philosophical wonderment to shine through with intensity.

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P.O. Box 40405
St. Paul MN 55104


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