TD Mischke has been a fixture on the AM dial for nearly 20 years, most memorably as a quirky host and call-in zookeeper at a late-night gig with AM 1500. Since his abrupt firing in 2008 and resurrection on WCCO (after a stint as podcaster and columnist for City Pages), Mischke has made his show less of a tightrope act, but he has retained the fearless, witty, and unpredictable style we've come to love over the years. He might even be a genius, if only in his ability to recall completely arbitrary and inane facts on the fly. Mischke also has the rare ability to make even the most boring caller riveting, and when there are no callers, we can count on him to entertain with a stream-of-consciousness rant about nothing and everything.

Location Details

625 2nd Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55402


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