Best Actress (2011)

Maggie Chestovich

Maggie Chestovich gave two standout performances in 2010 in two utterly different venues. In the summer, she matched wits with the likes of Joe Scrimshaw, Randy Reyes, David Mann, and John Middleton in Scrimshaw's Fringe hit The Damn Audition. There, she played a personal assistant far more in control of the increasingly mad situation (the audition in question is for the role of Lucifer in a new sitcom) than any of the men who surround her. In the fall, she took charge in Ten Thousand Things' stunning Life's a Dream. She played a woman who has abandoned everything in her life for a chance at revenge, but whose facade cracks as the events of the play unfold. Both performances showed an actor in complete control. There were no lapses in concentration or unearned moments of character clarity. Here is a performer who can bring the goods whatever the situation.


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