Only two players in major league baseball history have led the league in batting average, slugging, and on-base percentage, while also earning an MVP award, Gold Glove, and All-Star team spot in the same season. One of them was Carl Yastrzemski back in 1967, when the Hall of Fame outfielder notched baseball's last Triple Crown season for the American League champion Red Sox. The other one? St. Paul's own Joe Mauer, who recovered from a back injury to launch possibly the best hitting campaign by a Twins player since...Puckett '88? Carew '77? Killebrew '69? Ever? That's the only real mystery when it comes to just how good Mauer's 2009 season was. That it came in the company of career years from Jason Kubel, Michael Cuddyer, and Denard Span—all candidates for this award in the parallel universe where the Twins signed Mark Prior in the 2001 draft—only makes it look that much more impressive.

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