The Twin Cities is blessed with a multitude of places to run, and they are often well populated, especially in the warmer months. One off-the-beaten-path treasure is Cedar Lake. Just north of Calhoun and west of Isles, this hidden gem is typically free of the flocks that descend on the city's better-known running paths come summer. The best part of Cedar is the odd stretch of trail on the east side that winds between trees overhead and dirt underfoot—like being in a little forest, right in the middle of the city. Best of all, the lake is quiet. The houses beside it aren't as impressive as the homes at Isles, nor the crowd as buzzing as the people at Calhoun, but that's what makes Cedar Lake so great—it's actually peaceful. And isn't a little peace-seeking why we all run in the first place?

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Location Details

2100 Cedar Lake Parkway
Minneapolis MN 55416


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