Minneapolis has the best urban bike trail system in the United States. Portland, Oregon, go suck a spoke! Cyclists can spend a weekend pedaling through the city without a single automobile honking at them. And while trips around Lake Calhoun are a part of any successful summertime spin for shirtless singles looking for sex, the 2.99 miles of Lake Harriet is soup for the cycling soul. Sure, people ride for exercise, but many more ride it to escape. And Lake Harriet offers just that. You can ditch your bike and play tennis, or stroll through the Lyndale Park Gardens. Go fish at the two docks, or just sit on a bench on the south side of the lake and watch planes make their final descent to MSP. And of course there is the band shell, shouting out tunes from old-timer orchestras to new-school Hoots. Be happy. Pedal fast. And if you get thirsty, just pump some fresh water from any of the three water wells.

Location Details

43rd St. W. and E. Lake Harriet Parkway
Minneapolis MN 55408


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