Clown Glass

Minnesota's marijuana enthusiasts are likely familiar with headshops of a somewhat unprofessional variety—those soaked in patchouli incense and staffed by filthy-dredded hippies hocking tie-dye hemp shirts and psychedelic posters. However, those lucky enough to be customers of Clown Glass are treated to a different experience. Clown's interior sports classy hardwood floors and large glass display cases illuminated by well-placed overhead track lighting. Be sure to check out the huge aquarium full of colorful fish that float through a seascape of blown glass. The sales people are well informed and will talk enthusiastically and knowledgeably about their products, with tips and techniques to get you the best smoke for your buck. Oh, and then there are the pieces, many locally blown by accomplished glass artists. These aren't your run-of-the-mill, mass-produced crack pipe wannabes. Clown Glass sells every method of marijuana inhalation you can imagine: sherlocks, onesies, spoons, bongs with single and multiple chambers in a plethora of sizes. There are even hookahs and vaporizors. It's not just the variety that sets the shop apart, either—every one of its pieces is beautiful, made of quality glass with vibrant colors and original patterns. The dragons, flowers, and strange psychedelic abstracts could pass for modern art if accidentally left on the table when your parents come over.

Location Details

2114 Lyndale Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55405


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