Ever since Seward Co-op moved into its gleaming, fluorescent-green new digs last year, it has threatened to ruin the reputation of natural-food groceries. Until then, co-ops were known as cramped, dingy stores with nightmarish parking. But Seward's 13,000-square-foot facility feels almost like a supermarket, with wide aisles inside and a no-hassle parking lot that by itself is a reason to eat organic. But this big, 5,000-member co-op sets itself apart in many other ways, notably with the largest co-op deli around (remodeled just this month), featuring new coffee drinks and sandwiches, hot foods, a well-stocked salad bar, and a decent bakery, including gluten-free cookies. The impressive cheese section boasts more than 100 varieties from Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa alone, and the small but top-notch meat and seafood counter carries locally raised meats and an amazing array of fresh sausages. There's still one way to know you're in a natural-foods store—the prices are as hefty as elsewhere, but think of your grocery bills as support for local farmers and an investment in your health.

Location Details

2823 E. Franklin Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55406


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