For years Uptown and south Minneapolis liquor stores have been merely adequate. For every triumph (great beer selection, convenient location), there is a massive failure (no parking, doesn't accept credit cards, staff is too high). This is why we appreciate South Lyndale Liquors so much. While Lyndale Avenue was being renovated, the store gave itself a facelift as well, knocking down walls and expanding its collection. The shop now boasts an epic wine selection, a thoughtful collection of unique 22-ounce beers, and a notable range of scotch. Be sure to stop by during hours when the store is less busy and ask an employee to pour you a tasting. Not only is their sample shelf impressive, but these guys know their scotch—from smoky to buttery to rare, right down to the year.

Location Details

5300 Lyndale Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55419


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