Welcome to gaming nirvana—at least if your game is the paper-and-pencil, tabletop, card-flipping, or dice-chucking type. On any given day you can find folks pawing through thousands of Magic: The Gathering singles searching for the right piece to the winning combination, exploring the latest gaming imports from Germany and beyond, or gathered in the back to meet on the tabletop battlefields of Warhammer 40,000, rolling handfuls of dice to see if their hand-painted armies will be victorious on this day. The Source is a testament to the social side of a hobby often thought to be the domain of asocial, pale folks who never get out of the basement. Staff members are as much gamers and fans as the customers, and their enthusiasm is infectious. It's pretty easy to walk in for a paintbrush or pack of cards (or a comic—the store carries current releases, graphic novels, and an extensive back-issue collection) and walk out with a completely new, unfamiliar, and exciting game to take home.

Location Details

1601 W. Larpenteur Ave.
Roseville MN 55113


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