There are used CD stores that have larger selections than the Fetus, but in an age when most heavily involved music fans get their music online (legally or not), selection isn't really the point. A CD store isn't a conduit for acquiring music anymore, so much as a mecca of local music culture. Shopping at Electric Fetus, you can bump shoulders with members of some of the Twin Cities' best bands—and if you're there on the right days, a few will be manning the checkout counter. The 42-year-old Minneapolis institution hosts frequent in-store performances from big names like Brother Ali and Bon Iver. If you need further evidence that the Fetus holds a crucial place in the hearts of Minneapolis music fans, witness the reaction in late August when a tornado hit the store, smashing in windows and damaging the roof. Supporters rushed to the scene to photograph it, Twitter was flooded with messages of concern, and a benefit concert was quickly organized to help the store return to business.

Location Details

2000 4th Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55404


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