Yes, the store smells fantastic, a blend of hippie soaps and patchouli and incense that sticks to a shopper's hair for hours after leaving, and yes, the creaking floorboards and exposed-brick walls and posters make it a beautiful and homey place to kill an afternoon. But the ambiance of the Electric Fetus is only icing on the cake. The real reason music diehards return to the store time and time again is the massive selection of CDs. Compact discs, remember those? The Minneapolis mainstay has weathered one of the most volatile periods of music industry history and continues to stock a dizzying number of new and old albums on its retail floor and in its massive basement warehouse. And unlike so many sprawling online and big-box music merchants, the employees at the Fetus will actually help you find what you're looking for—a staff of mostly local musicians, writers, and DIYers can help track down everything from Bob Dylan to Baaba Maal to Bassnectar in a heartbeat.

Location Details

2000 4th Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55404


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