Sex World

Remember the good old days when you would go digging through your parents' closet, hoping to stumble across one of your dad's "secret" porn videos? Those days are long gone. Thanks to this whole "internet" thing, you have unlimited access to adult entertainment day or night. But what about the purists looking for DVDs (or dare I say it, VHS tapes) of their favorite porn star, celebrity, or just slimy amateurs filming in the back room of a gas station? They come to Sex World. Minnesota's favorite porn palace still stocks its shelves with thousands of titles suitable for anyone's pleasure, and it even offers on-the-spot viewing in high-class viewing booths. When was the last time Netflix gave you a private viewing booth? Exactly. The day of the video store may be coming to a close, but for those of us looking to escape the keyboard for an evening, Sex World has everything you need for a big night in.

Location Details

241 2nd Ave. N.
Minneapolis MN 55401


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