Michele Bachmann

City Pages sometimes gets reader feedback saying we focus too much attention on Michele Bachmann. But does Superman pay too much attention to Lex Luthor? Does Batman pay too much attention to the Joker? One villainess reigns supreme over Minnesota, and it's the crazy-mouthed congresswoman from Stillwater who crushes on Joe McCarthy and openly worries about the Obama administration creating "reeducation camps for young people." She keeps her title in 2010—despite stiff competition from an absentee governor and the publicly imploding Denny Hecker—thanks not just to her endless supply of nutty ideas but to her status as a figurehead of the Tea Party. Sure, she's stuck playing Jan to Sarah Palin's Marcia, but in terms of ideology it's the demon of District Six who wears the crown of Teabagger Queen. Her potent brand of anti-government paranoia is the distilled essence of the shaggy new radical right, with all its misspelled invectives and sweaty-browed fear. In the last year she's accused the president of imposing "tyranny" on an American people who "suffer and mourn" and even suggested that the 2010 U.S. Census was part of an ACORN conspiracy. She's the natural arch nemesis of any sensible Minnesotan, an embarrassment to the state and a danger to us all.


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