Summit Avenue, St. Paul

If you expect lingerie, bubble tea, or a $4 cup of coffee out of the Twin Cities' Best Street, better luck next year. One look at the condos sprouting along Hennepin and Lyndale faster than clusters of dandelions should let you know that those oh-so-cosmo streets don't need the press. We'd rather spend our fleeting summer hours on Summit Avenue, no matter how far it may be from the nearest Urban Outfitters. St. Paul's pastoral jewel connects two of the Twin Cities' most prized panoramas—the Mississippi River and Cathedral Hill, points from which you can view both downtowns at a safe distance. This grassed, treed haven is a god-sent reprieve from our busier avenues, a street of meadowy medians, shade, and the most agonizingly gorgeous architecture in the city. So do your shopping and shouting on Hennepin Avenue. When your wallet and spirit need some R and R, you'll know where to find it.


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