Best Shout-Out to the Twin Cities By a Non-Native (2010)

Ringo Starr's plug for the Electric Fetus

How often does a local business get to brag that a musical legend served as a walking, talking billboard for them on national television? We're guessing not that often. But the Electric Fetus hit the free advertising jackpot when Ringo Starr wore one of its T-shirts onstage at the Grammys. A Beatle! The Grammys! National TV! That's pretty freaking sweet for the legendary Minneapolis record shop, which initially had no idea how its shirt ended up on such a famous back. It turns out that Starr has a nephew in Minnesota—Christian-Philippe Quilici, an events manager at—who gave his uncle the T-shirt for Christmas. Ringo's pimping was a welcome morale boost for a store still rebuilding from the tornado battering it took last summer. Suddenly "Octopus's Garden" is tolerable.


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