Zombie Pub Crawl

There has been some competition this year for best pub crawl, and while we loved the Snuggie, the Pimps and Hos, and the Santa-themed crawls, nothing quite eclipses the epic Zombie Pub Crawl. This year was its fifth anniversary, and an astonishing 5,000 to 6,000 undead drunks showed up to moan for brains and beer along the West Bank. The latest crawl featured special events such as zombie-oke, bloody T-shirt contests, and a climactic show at the Cabooze featuring hip-hop duo MC/VL and a DJ set from Solid Gold. We also took time to gawk at the amazing costumes, from zombie Wizard of Oz characters to Nintendo's Mario and Luigi to even Snow White. The event serves as an excellent warm-up for Halloween; it's usually held sometime in early to mid-October. We're not sure when it will reach its maximum overload, but it appears to be going strong.


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