Bar 508

When gentlemen are out on the town looking for companionship in the Twin Cities, some go places where they'll find single women of the best quality. Others play the numbers game and look for places with the highest quantity. But if you're looking for quality and quantity (and awesome chicken wonton appetizers), try Bar 508 on First Avenue. With a prime location right off the light rail (perfect for single suburban ladies coming in for the night), Bar 508 features an upstairs restaurant with tons of seating, a great menu, and awesome happy hour specials. But for dudes in search of single women, downstairs is the place to be. With a full bar, pool tables, and dance floor, Bar 508 attracts tons of bachelorette parties and plenty of other ladies ready to party. Sure, you'll still have your standard ring of creepy dudes lining the edge of dance floor, but if you're brave enough to jump into the sea of single ladies, you could find yourself with a boatload of possibilities.

Location Details

508 1st Ave. N.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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