19 Bar

The key word to this category is "meet." That can be hard to do at some gay clubs—hell, any nightclubs—around town. It's hard to meet a nice dude when strobe lights are giving you an acid flashback, and screaming over loud music can only be so sexy. The 19 Bar is ideal for actually interacting with single men. You won't find a disco ball or pounding dance anthem here, but you will save money on body glitter and be able to hear people talk. The chances for casual, friendly encounters abound: Join a game of pool, chat at the bar, or hang with friends new and old while snacking on beer and pizza. The bar's unpretentious attitude and low-key feel give it a neighborhood bar vibe similar to Grumpy's, the Lyndale VFW, or the Uptown Bulldog, if they were GLBT clubs.

Location Details

19 W. 15th St.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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