Breaking up is never easy. You're awkward because you know what's coming, and your significant other at least pretends to be shocked that it's all over. Why not break the news surrounded by nature? Minnehaha Falls is the perfect location. The great outdoors has a calming effect on most people, and the surrounding park gives you plenty of space to walk and chat about the end of your time together—or to disappear when things get nasty. The roar of the falls can be soothing, or you can pretend it's too loud to understand your significant other's whining. When you've ditched the ex, a trip to Dairy Queen just down the road will surely brighten your spirits. Just don't make DQ trips a habit. You'll want to look skinnier and healthier when you inevitably run into your ex in the coming weeks.

Location Details

4801 Minnehaha Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55440


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