Chris Coleman

After Tim Pawlenty announced he would vacate the governor's mansion, every politician from Mankato to International Falls was drooling over the chance to inherit his throne. St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman seemed poised to jump into the race. He put together a team with national campaign experience, appeared at events with other potential candidates, and even told people he would probably run. Then, in what seemed like a surprise even to him, Coleman bailed out of the race. He explained to the press that the good people of St. Paul had elected him to do a job, and he didn't want to leave them hanging. "My work is here," Coleman told reporters. We've got to give it up for Coleman on this one. First, it's nice to know there might be a politician in Minnesota whose political aspirations won't blind him to the mess at hand. But we know what you're thinking. Maybe it was just a bunch of political horseshit. Maybe he knew he didn't stand a chance and was just trying to save face. Even if that's true, Coleman has also been a key mover in the construction of light rail, had a loud voice in closing the education gap, and worked to make St. Paul more environmentally friendly. So while the Twin Cities' other mayor, R.T. Rybak, is gunning for the state's highest political office, Coleman is holding things down as the best mayor in the Twin Cities.


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