Minnesota State Legislature

It's quite the fashion these days to be angry with government. But, citizens, there's a far more productive (and less annoying) way to channel your frustrations than impotent fuming: get involved. Minnesotans have no excuse for pointless griping, because the state Legislature's website is a marvel of simplicity, ease, and information. Want to know who your elected representatives are? Just type in your address on the home page and a handy list pops up of your state and national reps, with links to their web pages showing their email address, phone number, committee assignments, and bills they've authored. Have a hot-button issue that drives you crazy? You can search pending legislation by topic, from abortion to zoos. You can follow the progress of specific bills and even personalize the site by signing up for alerts anytime action is taken on your pet legislation. It's clean, efficient, and intuitive. So quit your bitching—here's at least one thing government is doing right.


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